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The story about development of Dr. Stribor cosmetics began in a small pharmacy laboratory. Making preparations in a pharmacy is a long-standing tradition that connects great knowledge and experience. With a lot of enthusiasm, the young team of pharmacists and nature lovers, has incorporated the latest trends in natural cosmetics into cosmetic preparations which with their quality and innovation provide skin with care and pleasure. The emphasis is on exquisite and high quality ingredients without parabens, phenoxyethanol and oil derivatives. There was no compromise on the ingredients selection and we decided to use only these ingredients:

  • High quality, cold pressed, unrefined vegetable oils rich in many curative substances
  • Concentrated herbal extracts obtained by a modern technology in extraction
  • Modern natural emulsifiers
  • Chemotype essential oils
  • Luxury fragrances / active ingredients
  • Natural anti-oxidation and microbiological deterioration protection systems
  • Innovative cosmetic raw materials for better texture and absorption according to rigorous standards of green chemistry

The pharmacies of Zagreb county have established "Bioteka zagrebačke županije", a company involved in the production of Dr. Stribor cosmetics. In March 2016, we received the "Croatian Quality" label from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which we are extremely proud of. It is a big challenge to identify a good natural product nowadays. By investing in quality and development, we are building the safest foundation for our cosmetics to be recognizable in the long run and to become an irreplaceable part of your beauty ritual.

Active substances from Dr. Stribor cosmetics nurture even the most demanding skin, either face or body. With a wide range of products, we offer the care and help to skin of all age groups. Each product is designed to be combined with the others. It is up to you to find a combination that best suits your skin. Because taking care for the skin never stops, only its needs are changing.

The Dr.Stribor cosmetics selection consists of a basic line of products and an exclusive line.

The basic line consists of two moisturizing creams, Rose & Argan and Vanilla & Orange for face care. Their main task is to hydrate the face and not to clog pores and to be a good makeup base. Then two dermocosmetic products, SOS cream and Dermaplanta. SOS cream is an excellent choice for extremely dry skin, which is prone to atopy and flaking skin, and Dermaplanta balm is a small first aid to regenerate the skin with minor burns, hematomas, cuts etc. Planta bébé cream protects the skin from drying and is good for children and adults. There is Plantalip Lip Care Balm and D-phase gel that cleans facial skin without drying.

The exclusive line consists of three different tonics, hyaluronic serum and oil booster. The tonics are Gold & Rose, Germanium & Neroli and Zinc & Neroli. Their task is to hydrate and moisturize facial skin, and help the texture of the serum or cream applied after to better absorb into a deeper part of the skin. Serum Ag-Au/CP is an innovative combination of three types of hyaluronic acid with silver and gold that hydrates and tighten facial skin, and this product was the winner of the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2016 for the best product in the category of natural cosmetics voted by the jury. Echium gamma booster is a nutritious serum for dry skin. The serum does not contain essential oils and it has a natural smell because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids from the plant called candlenut that regenerates the skin.

The secret of beauty? Who knows? People say and the truth is, that the real beauty comes from inside, and we will add that Dr. Stribor cosmetics offers top quality natural care to show the beauty from outside.

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